EPISODE 31 // Nikon D800 Rant and Review

EPISODE 31 // Nikon D800 Rant and Review

We finally saw the d800 released today and I’m still reeling from the massive file size, a whopping 36 megapixels.  Listen to the latest podcast and you can hear a grown man cry!  I’ve waited 4 years for this camera to come out and now I just have to scratch my head.


Please take a listen and feel free to check out the links below for more information about the massive nikon announcement.


D3X is 24.5 mp…not the D3s.  Oops.

ken rockwell

philip bloom

nikon rumours




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2 Responses to “EPISODE 31 // Nikon D800 Rant and Review”

  1. February 9, 2012 at 3:09 pm #

    Ha… One would think that this super-duper sensor would be in the high end model the D4, and not a semi-pro D800. Like you guys said, the file sizes of the RAWs, are going to be huge. I guess it will satisfy all the Uncle Bobs out there, who will boast that they have 36 mpx, instead of that “expensive” wedding photographer who’s shooting with only 18, or…. or …. less!!! Yeee Ghads!!!
    Another Nikon news, where I think the company is shooting itself in the foot, is the fact that in US they will stop selling parts to independent repair shops. So only 23 Nikon Authorized Repair centers can do the repairs. Don’t know how this affects Canada, or the rest of the world, but the US is kinda screwed. There is a petition against this, that people can sign (http://chn.ge/waTvlJ).
    Interesting times…. Have fun in Vegas, and I’m curious if you get to play with the D800 at the show.

  2. admin
    February 10, 2012 at 5:11 pm #

    I must admit, our specs on file size on nearly all the older pro bodies was way off. From the size of the d3s, which I, Carey, own to the others. I’m sorry about that but my real question is still “why?” .

    All I can make of it is that the d800 was a complete video model market camera and that the release of the d400 will be that Canon competitor for portrait and everyday prosumers and full frame. The price point will make sense, but I’m worried all the same. I bought the d3s a year and a half ago as well because I couldn’t wait for the d700 replacement, I’m glad I didn’t wait as the video is still fine for me on it.

    Only time will tell!

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